Wednesday, 5 November 2014

412 Brunswick St Fitzory, Melbourne 3065
03 9041 6033

Hammer and Tong is considered as one of Melbourne's Hottest restaurants, and it totally live up to the title.

Lavender custard
Hammer & Tong literary captures everything about Melbourne eating life style in one place. That is, breakfast/branch at fine dining quality food at affordable price, friendly service, amazing coffee, integration of international cuisine but with Melbourne takes on and the appreciation of local artist. Believe me people of Melbourne really do appreciate their local artist such as graffiti artist and so on. Probably because waiting for a table at Hammer & Tong can takes so long that we just have time to enjoy the work that was put in to creating art (oh and of course because the art it self is outstanding as well).
The soft-shell crab burger, $12AUD
To start of, we ordered the very popular soft shell crab burger. This burger is a lot smaller than the average burger. But that doesn't mean the flavor will be any less.

Inside the soft shell crab burger
The amount of soft shell crab was very generous. The flavor of the crab it self was gorgeous. The crab was freshly fried, so when serve it was crunchy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside. The crab must have been really fresh and I still able to taste the slight nature sweetness of the meat. The burger was constructed so that the crab was the center of the favor and everything else was there to lift the testiness of this burger up to heaven. To sum up, this soft shell crab burger simply delicious!

The lamb rips
Next was the lamb rips. When I first bite into it, the rips was crunchy on the outside, which I just know this will be delightful. I mean seriously how often do you find lamb rip that is crunchy on the outside, but doesn't look it? The lamb was not tender nor gamey at all, this mean the rips must has been prepair well. The rips was quite fatty, but not too overly fatty. When eat the rip with the side basil and pear, the test buds in my mouth were just satisfy. The amount of salty favor from the rip, the sweetness from the pear, the crunch, the tang were all balance perfectly.

Our lunch
 By the time we finished our main, I was so tempt to order more! But, we didn't want to torchering ourself by eating too much, so we stop with only two mains (which is not like me at all!).

Lavender custard
No matter how a girl said she is full, there is always room for desert. That is a fact! We didn't want to finish our lunch with some heavy desert. Therefore we decided to go with the lavender custard. Seriously, just look at how pretty the lavender custard is. I didn't count the amount of pictures we took, but I'm sure it must be near 20, just on this dish alone.

Up top view of this beauty
I have to say, this lavender custard is simply one of the prettiest desert I have ever seen. And believe me, the taste of it was not any less than it look. The custard was very light, smooth, and not floury at all.  As for the topping, there was combination of both hydrated and dehydrated fruits. I never really had dehydrated orange before, but was a graciousful experience. Rather than dehydrated orange, there were also dehydrated pear, blueberry and lychee. Just between the lavender custard and the fruit garden, there was lemon puree which lift this desert even higher.

Inside the lavender custard
The combination of sweet, sour, tang, texture and the aroma of lavender was perfectly married. I just can't get enough. I wish I wouldn't finish this desert because it was so sensational, unfortunately we live in the real world. . I guess, I just need to come back!!

Hammer & Tong, you truely gave me a gracious experience. I am so coming back for more!!!!

Hammer & Tong on Urbanspoon

Hammer & Tong on Urbanspoon


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