Saturday, 4 April 2015

Shop 1, 29-31 Scott St, Elwood, VIC 3184

03 9077 6463

A foodie friends of mine is crazy about croissant, and if you are a bit of croissant connoisseur like her Lune Croissanterie would be in your list of places to try out. Once, I wake up at 5am on Friday, wait up in line and finally tasting it. Lune croissant is hands down the very best croissants I ever have.

Me and my group of friend arrived at Lune Croissanterie at 6.20am and about 10 degree, and already there is a very long line.
Line in front of Lune Croissanterie
Like us, people queue up in line, in front of Lune Croissanterie just to wait for the ticket number to order. We arrived at 6.20am, and when the window open at 7am, we were our queue number 27!

Getting closer to receiving order queue number
A long with the queue number, we receive Lune Croissanterie and we can order coffee.

Lune Croissanterie's menu and a ticket queue number
Once received the ordering number, we were not able to order right away. Rather we have to wait till 7.30am when the shop is open for ordering. Luckily, my friend bring along her car, so we can keep ourself warm in the car.

Lune iconic logo
Got to say, my first experience at Lune Croissanterie is very exciting. The minute that the store is open at 7.30am, people just blocking the store. I got a queue number 27, and I was so envy of the first ten queuer. As shown in the picture below, this guy was eating his freshly made Ham and Gruyere croissant.

Hungry guy eating the ham and gruyere
When it's my queue to order, I have been told my the shop keeper that each person, only allow to buy 6 pieces. That's makes it really difficult for foodie like me, whom like to get like everything!
Cinnamon Kouign Amann serve with cream
To ensure that I tried the best viennoiseries, I asked the shopkeeper "what is the signature viennoiseries?"Well, as expected he said everything. However, he said that no one in Melbourne does the Kouign Amann and Cinnamon Kouign Amann. On top of this, he is sure that Lune is the only place that does difference kid of stuffing in twice banked. 

Right is my friend ordered, left is mine
I decided to get ham & Cruyere, chocolate hazelnut twice baked, queuing amann, cinnamon queuing amain and almond twice baked.
Coconut Pandan twice baked
There were three of us, so we were able to get everything from the menu. One of my friend ordered the coconut panda twice baked. If you love pandas, and croissant is not your thing, this twice baked is sensational. I only ha a bite from my friend's croissant, but it was absolutely sensational.

The almond twice baked
The almond twice baked was delicious! Really light flaky texture, that melt in your mouth. The amount of almond on top was very generous, so every single bit will have almond. The almond stuffing was really sweet by it self. But the amount of almond stuffing was not that much, so overall not too overall sweet.

Chocolate hazelnut twice baked
As a chocolate and hazelnut lover, I can't wait to eat the chocolate hazelnut twice baked. However, when compared with others viennoiseries this was not great. Was overly sweet, and the flavour or chocolate and hazelnut was not married well at all.

The cinnamon and plain kouign amann
Both the cinnamon and plain kouign amann was devine. It had a hardish texture, but was buttery yet flaky at the same time with the right depth of denseness. I could not enjoy eating butter as much as when I was eating this much talk about kouign amann.

Experience at Lune Croissanterie was to die for. Every single viennoiseries was delicious. I couldn't imagine another great croissant place in Melbourne

Lune Croissanterie on Urbanspoon
Lune Croissanterie on Urbanspoon


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