Monday, 24 November 2014

481 Elizabeth Street, CBD Vic 3000
03 9329 5553

For a real deal Turkish food that is cheap, quick and delicious, Borek Bakehouse is the store you need to see.

Entrance of The Borek Bakehouse

At the North end of Melbourne CBD near Queen Victoria Market, Borek bakehouse is operate 8am till 5pm. Hence, if you enjoy this place as much as I do, you can easily have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of which will come in total cost of less than $10 AUD. Because one Borek only cost $3, and you can buy 2 Borek for the price of $5. That is ridiculously cheap!

Spinach and Feta Borek, $3AUD
Under Borek category, there are three main favours. These are spicy lamb, spicy potato, and spinach and feta. I have tried all the favour, and my favourite is the spinach and feta. Beside Borek, there is also wide variety of breads, salads that are equally cheap and delicious. 

The next time you are around the north end of Melbourne CBD don't go past the Borek bakehouse. It will provide you the gracious experience.

The Borek Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

The Borek Bakehouse on Urbanspoon


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