Monday, 3 November 2014

312 Drummond Street Carlton, 3053
03 9347 3312

One of the greatest advantage of living in Melbourne is the ability to follow guesses who was on Master Chef Australia. The owner of The Town Mouse was one of the special guess on Master Chef Australia season 5.

Buttermilk poached pear, walnut, caramel, roast chocolate and pear sorbet, $15AUD
I was catching up with one of my friend who is too a big fan of Master Chef Australia TVs show. The poached pear dish was the reason why we choose to visit The Town Mouse, everything else was a plus.
Complementary toast with hazel nut butter

The waiter was really friendly and helpful with ordering. My friend is a model but also a foodie, so we decided to share and so we can ensure that we have room for desert. We decided to goes with the duck as our main.
Duck breast, pickled cherries, turnip, cavolo nero and ginger bread, $35AUD
Initially we plan to passed on to everything else as we really have to leave room for desert. And that we were ensure on the serving size. However, the waiter recommended us to get the red cabbage dish. As the main it self doesn't come with anything else except the main. Hence, we listed to her.

Slow roast red cabbage, prune, parmesan and red apple, $15AUD
I don't think the picture shows it, but the red cabbage is filled with apple. When I first cut it out, the amount of apple just burst out like a pinata. I didn't know until I try out this red cabbage dish that parmesan strong cheesy favor marry very well with the roast cabbage. Initially I had no expectation of the tastiness of this cabbage, but in the scale of yumminess is off the roof!

Beautiful duck breast

Less talk about the main dish. When the duck was serve to our table, the decoration was just sensational. So beautiful that between us, we must of taken 10+ pictures just on one dish! And, as I expected, the flavor, the texture, the aroma all hit the spot! On yumminess scale, this dish was through the moon. Eating this duck together with the cabbage was such a nice combination. I am glad that I listed to the waiter's recommendation.

Just has got to say, Master Chef Australia you have live up to the standard! The Town Mouse truly the hidden gem in Melbourne. It provide the fine dining experience, but at an affordable price. It was so gracious experience to dine at The Town Mouse.
The Town Mouse on Urbanspoon

The Town Mouse on Urbanspoon


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