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658 Church St Richmond Melbourne 3121
03 9429 4332

People who is on Instragram knows for the fact that Top Paddock's famous hotcake is one of the most up loaded image of the whole of Australia. After I tried out Top Paddock's hotcake, I can seriously see why is that so.

Breakfast at Top Paddock
Although, the location of Top Paddock is located in Richmond, but really if using public train, you better off get off at South Yarra station. From South Yarra station, walk toward Soda Rock cafe. Then get on any tramp in from of Country Road retail store. The minute that the tramp cross the Yarra river, you better get off because Top Paddock is right there.

Ricotta Hotcake with Blueberries, $19 AUD
I know for the fact that Top Paddock is famous for their Blueberry and Rocotta Hotcake. However, my friend recommended me that, in ordered to avoid being sick of the overt sweet, I better order some savoury dish. Hence, we decided to go with Gin and lime cured Huon ocean trout fillet.

Gin and line cured Huon ocean trout fillet, $21 AUD
As for the taste, the first fews bite into the hotcake was AMAZING! It hit all the wow factors. Although the hotcake was 1.5 inch thick (I have been told), the edge of it was slight crunchy. The ricotta, blueberries and maple syrup integrate into this cook pancake very nicely. The creaminess of the ricotta provided the creamy factor, the blueberries provide the slight sweetness factor, and the maple interestingly provide the maple aroma just so you know that you are eating hotcake. In case you though that it will get too sweet, this is when the fresh strawberry come in to give the tang.   

1.5 inch hotcake
Earlier I have mention that the hotcake can give you sickness of being too sweet, and that is true. Once, I have dated majority of the strawberry, there was no other features to give the much needed tang. Thus, the dish become too overly sweet. This is when, it's the perfect time to swap breakfast with my friend and try out the trout.

The cured trout, $21 AUD
For the price of $21AUD, I personally found that the portion size of this dish is rather small. But, I guess the majority of the cost goes into curing the fish. And it is so worth it. The fish was very beautify cured. The flavour of the fish was not too overly salty. The aroma from gin and lime cured was still there, and enough to give the sensational experience. Another interesting feature on the dish was the potato cake. The potato cake was consists of very finely chop layer of potato. It has a crunchy top, and a very cremy in other layer below. The only comment I would like to point out is that, if you are an experience foodie, you will appreciate this dish. Else, if you are not an adventurous eater, you will not enjoy this dish that much. 

Inside Top Paddock
 Beside the sensational food, you will atmosphere of Top Paddock as well.

Top Paddock seating
 Generally, during peak period at Top Paddock, only the very handful of people will make in to Top Paddock. Hence, as a recommendation visit this place during non-peak hours. Else, try to get there earlier.
Top Paddock entrance
To those foodie, who love branch/lunch or good food in generally, Top Paddock is the place to visit. Every requirement for a place which will give you the enjoyment experience, Top Paddock has it all. Top Paddock simply will provide you the gracious experience.

Top Paddock on Urbanspoon

Top Paddock on Urbanspoon


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