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Federation Sq Flinders St Melbourne, VIC 3000

03 9654 8808

Taxi Kitchen provides sophisticated, modern Australian cuisine with Asian and European influence. Despite the sophisticated atmosphere with excellence view of Federation square, the pricing is very reasonable.
The popular dish, Wagyu Porterhourse, $40 AUD
We dine at the Taxi Kitchen for lunch. The atmosphere is formal casual, which I believe is part of the reason why, the pricing is much cheaper than fine dining. During lunch time on a weekday, majority of diner are people who work near by.

Atmosphere in the Taxi Kitchen dinning room
Before dinning at the Taxi Kitchen, I have booked a table. Just to ensure that there is a table for the two of us. I book a day before, and there were only available seat at 12pm and again at 1pm. Clearly, booking a table at a popular place like this is always a good choice.

The best view in the dining room
I highly recommend to book a table before coming to the Taxi Kitchen. Because not just a guarantee seating, you will get one of the best spot in the dinning room as well.

The view outside the Taxi Kitchen room
Beside the dining room. The Taxi Kitchen cutlery is absolutely beautiful silver cutlery.

Silver cutlery
The Taxi Kitchen is located in level two on the Federation square building.

The entrance to the Taxi Kitchen restaurant
As the name imply "taxi", so majority of the decoration is yellow colour just like the colour of taxi in New York, USA.

Taxi Kitchen yellow menu
When comes to ordering. We decided to share everything. For starter, we decided to get the terrine with foie grass parfait & rhubarb. This dish look divine! 

Country style terrine with foie grass parfait & rhubarb compote, $21 AUD
This dish was rather simple, but an absolutely delicious dish. The tuna was really fresh, so there was no fishy smell at all. The parfait and terrine were smooth as silk. On top of this, the hint sweetness of the rhubarb complete this dish. Overall, this was an absolutely delicious dish.

Inside the Foie Gras Terrine
Next is the main. I decided to go with the famous wagyu porterhouse with horseradish cream and yakiniku dipping sauce. Just like the starter, this dish look fantastic. For me, the beef steak was not the best I had. However flavour wise it's excellence. The beef is slightly salted. The sauce is sweet with a slight tank. Together they were balance very well

Wagyu Porterhouse with Horseradish Cream and Yakiniku Dipping Sauce $42 AUD
The part of this dish which I love is the Horseradish cream. It was crazily smooth, which lift the most texture part to be the steak.

Waygu beef
Now by favourite part of the eating out, desert! We ordered passionfruit Souffle.

Passionfruit Souffle, $18 AUD
After my first bite into this famous desert, I can tell the seriously good! The souffle is crazily soft, that when in my mouth, it's melt away like it was never there. The souffle is sweet, but was balance by the sour passionfruit. The passionfruit seed provides the crunchy texture to this desert. 

The only regret about dining at the Taxi Kitchen was not getting my own desert. The souffle was seriously delicious that I just want more! I can not wait to dining at the Taxi Kitchen again, to eat more of the passionfruit souffle. Seriously when you have a bite at the souffle, it will provide the gracious experience!

Taxi Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Taxi Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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