Thursday, 23 April 2015

342 Little Bourke St CBD Melbourne, VIC 3000

0402 627 832

Every lunch time in both weekday and weekend, there is a long queue lining in front of one particular dumpling restaurant. This dimp som place is Shanghai Street Dumplings & mini juicy bun (Shanghai Street Dumplings). 

Steamed Pork Dumplins (Xiao Long Bao)
Shanghai Street Dumpling does not take booking, so walk in only. During peak trading hours, it is very much likely that you could be wait for hours. However, believe me when you taste the dumpling, it's so worth it.
Xiao Long Bao
Unlike the other dumpling place I have been to, Shanghai Street Dumpling does not serve the soy sauce with ginger. Even when we asked for complimentary ginger, the staff said that there aren't any complimentary. 
Bite in to xiao long boa
The bite size of xiao long boa is not my suitable bite size. It is way to big for me. Flavour wise, it is not the best xiao long boa I had in Melbourne. The pastry is slightly too thick for xiao long boa. Yet, for me it is acceptable xiao long boa.

Pork and prawn wontons in peanut sauce
Second dish was the pork and prawn wontons in peanut sauce. I got to say, being an experience Chinese food eater, I have never had wontons in peanut sauce before.

Bite in to pork and prawn wonton
There is something about creamy peanut sauce and tasty pork and prawn wonton. Because this dumpling dish is to die for! The pork and prawn wonton stuffing was crunchy. The peanut sauce was slightly spicy. The broth from the pork and prawn stuffing gives it the moist texture. Overall, this dish is one of my favourite dumpling in Melbourne!

Shredded pork with garlic sauce
Next was the pork shredded with garlic sauce. This dish was my friend decision to ordered. Got to say, not the best at all. The taste of this dish was such a mix of confuse in flavour, that I could not tell, whether I am tasting garlic or other spices. The combination of spices was bad. The only thing which was nice about this dish is the fact that it's not oily like the typical Chinese place.

Go to Shanghai Street Dumpling for their dumpling, not their other dish on the menu is my recommendation. Ensure to ordered the pork and prawn wontons with peanut sauce because believe me, when you first bite into it. It will give you the gracious expenditure!

Shanghai Street Dumpling & Mini Juicy Bun on Urbanspoon

Shanghai Street Dumpling & Mini Juicy Bun on Urbanspoon


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