Sunday, 14 June 2015

299 Lygon Street, Carlton Melbourne, VIC

03 9347 4596

Pidapipo is name the most authentic gelato in town. It features gelato flavours such as pistachio, rose, coconut, ricotta and much more. It has both dairy and dairy-free gelato. And both of them are absolutely divine! Texture wise, it is crazily smooth as silk. It is not too overly sweet like many others gelato. The amount of gelato given is absolutely generous. Initially, I was going to have 3 scoops for myself, but they are so big that I end up sharing with my friend. I ordered the hazel nut, mint and white chocolate and pistachio. For me my vor  is the hazelnut. The flavor of gelato from pidapipo is not as strong comparison to others gelato places. For me the texture and the flaof Pidapipo is good. It's a nice ice cream agter dinner. For those whom like a softer type desert, that is lighter. I highly recommend Pidapipo gelato
3 scoops for $7 AUD

Pidapipo iconic

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