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17 Derby Road Melvern East, Melbourne
03 9572 5720

After living with a Sri Lankan guy for a year while I was studying in New Zealand, I had learn so much about Sri Lankan food. However, due to the limited eatery experience in Christchurch New Zealand, there is no Sri Lankan food joints (well at least while I was living there). Luckily, there is a home-style Sri Lankan food just off Monash Caulfield.

Gedera is located close to Monash university Caulfield campus. Like seriously, I I was counting it's only like 100 steps maximum. Inside Gedera it has this fussy eyes catching set up, but it uses folding chairs which gave me the "kind off" feeling. However, when I was checking out Gedera, it has a really good rating online, so I am sure the food here is great!

Up top is Dosa, and bottom is chicken and rice
Between me and my friend we ordered Dosa, Chicken dish which comes with lentil, root-beat and rice. My friend look over at the counter, and she notice that Gedera has this deep fried giant spring roll looking thing. She told me that she want to give it a try, as she was hoping that it would taste like one of the Indonesian dish.
Sri Lankan beef stuff giant pastry
Turn out, that the beef stuff pastry was no way like what my Indonesian had thought it would be. Personally, that dish was not my cup of tea. The wrap was soggy, and if it was not because of the extra chili source added, this dish would be tasteless.
Chicken dish with lentil, beet-root, rice and cabbage
Time to move on to the main! For the price of around about $10, I got this chicken dish which comes with rice, lentil, beet-root, rice, cabbage and hopper (thin crispy roti). My Indonesian friend got dosa, which basically is Sri Lankan-style pancake roll over some potatoes. I got to say, my experience at Gedera was way under what I was expected. In all the elements in my dish, the tastiest element was beet-root. This was strange as I thought that the chicken should be the tastiest. my hopper was so soggy that I just has to pass on, because like many crunchy carby item. It's best when crunchy. As for my friend dosa, the pastry was way too thick that she can't even finish her dish. She only manage to power through half! I have not tried out many dosa, but even so I was actually expected dosa to be a little bit better.

Gedera didn't blow my mouth away when it's comes to food. But the service was surprisingly good! When we first walk it, I just told them that this is my first time at Gedera, the stuff there was kindly and patiently walk through their dishes. This made me feel really welcome. If you ask me, will I ever go back to Gedera? I will say Yes. Because, maybe I didn't try out the right dish such as egg roti or string hoppers. But hey, sometime it takes more than just the food to give me a gracious experience.

How to get there:

If coming from the city by train, best to get off at Caulfield station. Then walk to Gedera. Seriously, it's only takes 20 steps maximum from Caulfield station to Gedera.

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Gedera on Urbanspoon



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