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273 Hawthorn Road Caulfield North
0431 406 580

I has to confess that I have a very weak spot when it's comes to burger, and especially delightful looking burger like the one from Tuck Shop Takeaway. 
Major burger, fried, mint and salted caramel shake
The first time I know about this place was at the beginning of 2014, when I did some research for burger eating joints. Some how Google gave me the Herald Sun post title "Heraldsun Melbournes top 10 best burgers". As I scroll down the post, one particular burger joints has really stood out for me and that was the Tuck Shop Takeaway. Not because the owners were ex-employee at the Fat Duck, but because Tuck Shop is located in CAULFIELD. Yes, out of all the amazing location that Melbourne has to offer, Tuck Shop Takeaway is located in Caulfield. I was particularly happy, because ever since I arrived in Monash university in Caulfield campus, I found it really difficult to find an eating place nearby which suit my liking. 
Minor mint shake, passion soda and red skin shake
Tuck shop Take away takes on the theme of old school cafeteria. This mean, golden brown food in divided trays. But this is Tuck shop, so the food here can't just be another place that has big, grumpy lady serving you golden brown food, and telling you off when you asked for little bit more nuggets just like in school cafeteria. Instead, Tuck shop takes on the golden brown foods like burger, chip and toasted sandwiches to the heavenly level when it's comes to tasty scale. 
Major burger
 First of it's the burger. After living in New Zealand for 10 years, I have a very high standard when it's comes to burger. I have a very long list of burger criteria before I decided whether that burger has pass my standard of expectation. In my list of criteria, some characteristic include: juicyness of the burger, creammyness of cheese and the bun, crunch elements in the burger, hint of tangyness and so on. See what I mean by high expectation?
Major burger

 The scientist in me is the reason why I basically dissect the burger before I taste it to have some sense of what Tuck Shop's burger is all about. And it was just WOW me away when I saw the inside. By just looking at the 100% beef patty, I can just tell how juicy this burger will be. When seeing the little burnt on the bun, the amount of fresh viggie in the burger, I can just tell that this burger will be one pleasant burger. I am glad that it was just me and one good friend of me at the time, because the "fat man" in me just come out, and I eat my way through the burger like there is no tomorrow!

For me, fried is not my "go to" kind of food. Because, as a nutritious person I had read so many dark side about fried. However, as a foodie I just know that sometime it's the simplest food that judge how good the chef is. Therefore, between me and my friend we order the CUT (aka fried at Tuck Shop). When the fried arrive, it was a fried with skin on and twice cooked. When I had my first bit of this fried, my consciousness about the amount of saturate fat, trans fat, sodium etc etc just go out the window. This fried is just so damn tasty! I am not even sure if Tuck Shop made their own ketchup because, when I dip the fried in their ketchup, the balance of tangy, crunch is just so well balance. In the end, I don't even know what happen. I somehow power my way and clean up the fried.
Chocolate choc chip, and Heston's banana and bacon cookie
  One of the thing that Tuck Shop is famous for (beside their burger and chip) is their soft serve. Unfortunately, by the time I finish my mains Tuck Shop soft serve is not yet ready to be serve. I was devastated. Nonetheless, I will not leave my sensational experience at Tuck Shop hanging without desert. When I check out their baking section, two baking really stood out. These are chocolate choc chip, and Heston's banana and bacon cookie. Being a chocolate lover and a bit Heston fan, I just has to get both! 
Bacon bit in the cookie
For me, both of them were really good, but the winer just has to go to Heston's banana and bacon cookie. There were actually chunk of bacon in the cookie. But the balance of the sweet and savory just balance so well, that it made me sad when I finish the cookie. When I check out with the waitress, turnout the Heston's banana and bacon cookie was actually the recipe from Heston! No wonder what the favor is so explosive in my mouth!

I got to say, my experience at Tuck Shop was seriously amazing. This is why I went back for MORE!!
Fruit loop soft serve

On  Friday after class, I quickly walk to Tuck Shop to tried out their soft serve. On Tuck Shop Instagram (#Tuckshoptakeaway) it said that their favor of the week is Fruit loops soft serve. So, I enjoy Fruit loop, and I love soft serve, so can this combination get any better? Well, for $5.50 ideally this Fruit loop soft serve really should blow me away, but unfortunately NO. You see what make Fruit loops is their sweet fruity favor with a hint of tangy and the crunch. Tuck Shop's Fruit loops soft serve was way too thick, and there was no hint of tangyness at all. But even so, I will still come back and tried out their other item on the menu.

Gluten free bun with egg 
Gluten free bun with egg

Yes, a week later I did come back to Tuck Shop, guilty as charge.. . .

Any way, I happen to rad some other blogger going on about how yum Tuck Shop's gluten free bun is, so I just has to give it a try! The week prior the visit, I watched United state of burger. The shows is about a guy traveling around the US to try out all the famous burger joints. And yes, if it is not US's burger that make you feel hungry at 11pm, which other country's burger could? In the shows, so many burger joints put egg in their burger, so I crave for egg in my burger! For an added $1, Tuck Shop gave me a free-range egg in my burger. Everybody knows that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so please check out the picture of the burger when I took a bite, and I'm sure far more than 1,000 words would come to your mind. 
Astounding first bite!
I mean, look how happy I am! Note, this shot was secretly taken by my friend to capture, my enjoyment face.
Like always, I just need to finish a good meal with a good desert. And just like last time, Tuck shop's soft serve was no way ready to be serve. Just like last time, I just has to check out Tuck shop's baking section.

Red skin chocolate brownie

Tuck shop's baking didn't change much since the last time I was here. Being the kind of person who like to try out new stuff all the time, I just has to give Red skin chocolate brownie a go. Generally, brownie is not something that I would buy, just because I used to bake a lot, and home made brownie can be just as good or better. But this is Tuck Shop, so it can't be another ordinary brownie, and I was right. The red skin topping extract from red skin lollie, and the tangy of it balance the rich and sweet of the brownie so well. I share this brownie with a friend of my who don't like chocolate (yes, there is a girl out there who don't like chocolate), so she enjoy it!

Overall, I has to say Tuck Shop is so far one of the best burger I try in Melbourne. But then again, I only tried out a few places, so maybe my comment may change in the future? Even so, I believe I will always have a place in my heart for Tuck Shop, simply because they provide me such a gracious experience.

How to get there:

Train - Walk

Well, from Melbourne's CBD best to get off at Caulfied station. Then check out the map and walk to Tuck Shop. Approximately, it took me about 20-30 minute to walk from Caulfield station to Tuck Shop, but I'm sure this time will various between people. Else you can catch a tramp from Caulfield station.

Train - Tramp

From Caulfield station, get on the tramp 3a/a, and then has to change to tramp 65.

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