Friday, 7 November 2014

287 Conventry Street South Melbourne 3205
03 9690 2688

Are you looking for something to do on Sunday afternoon? Haven't have lunch yet? Feel like classic French with modern twist? Chez Dre has all the answers!

Desert at Chez Dre
Chez Dre is one of Melbourne hottest restaurant of 2014 based on Urbanspoon. Hence, to visit Chez Dre, I recommend to not visit it during busy hours. I guess, one of the hardest part about walking in to Chez Dre is the fact that you walk pass the beautiful desert display before you were seated. By so, I just can't wait for desert! However we have got to have lunch first.

Duck Sandwich
I decided to go with the duck sandwich. As you can see in the picture, it was massive. The sandwich was genously fill with duck meat. The meat was cook for period of time that the meat was not too tender nor gamey. Yet, the strong flavor of the duck was very nicely married with the slight tang of the source and red cabbage. You might notice that there is some green on the side. But really, there is no need for it. The flavor was very simple, but nice. It was nice to have something rich in a simple way.

Beef baguette
As for my friend she decided to go with beef baguette. Although it look very simple, believe me the flavor was not. The flavor was very clean. The beef was not too salty, the vegetable give the much needed crunch. As as you though that that was it. The vegetable was dress up with lemon acid which provide the tank to the baguette. Both me and my friend very enjoy this clean and elegant baguette. Next is time for desert!

Passionfruit macarons cake
It was rare for girls to agree on one desert. But this was an exception. For our first desert, me and my friend both pointed to passion fruit macarons, and it must be a destiny. Because this was the last one! 

The last passionfruit desert
 There was no disappointment in the passionfruit desert at all. It was probably as good as chocolate and passion fruit combination can get. The sour of passionfruit balance very perfectly with the sweet, bittern dark chocolate.
The pastery chef at Chez Dre, must has taken their time to create desert at Chez Dre. Because, it was not just the outside which was carefully layer. The inside was layer of milk chocolate mouse, passionfruit, and thin layer of broken down nut. All these creation sound complicated, but believe me when you put your fork into it, you capture everything and by doing so the flavor is just explosive in your mouth. 

Fork capturing every single flavors
Of course, having only one desert between two girls was not enough. We decided to go with the classic vanilla eclair. 

Vanilla Eclair
I got to say, the eclair from Chez Dre is the best eclair I had in my life. This sound over exaggerated, but it is very true. The flavor was very clean. The cream was rich but just enough. But the best part is the base. Most of the eclair I had before was simple pastry like. However this eclair had a little crunch into it, which was my first time. I believe it was the crunch which made this eclair very special.

Inside vanilla eclair
The amount of cream, and pastry was just right as well. Simply everything about this eclair was just to die for.  

Chez Dre gave me the next level of desert appreciation. Their desert was heavenly, elegant and one of the kind. Experience at Chez Dre was just gracious.

Chez Dré on Urbanspoon

Chez Dré on Urbanspoon


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