Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Great Ocean Road, Surf Coast Highway
Victoria Australia

If you are visiting Melbourne, and you are not visiting Great Ocean Road, then it is almost like you has never reach Melbourne. Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage. It takes place along 243 kilometres of road along the southeastern cost of Australia. From the city of Torquay and Allasford. It is one of Australia's top five destination for visitors for years. Hence, if you are visiting Melbourne, and not visiting this breathtaking scenery, you are missing out.
The Twelve Apostles
One of the best way to visit the Great Ocean Road is by tour. There are wide range of tour available on the net. From the luxury tour to eco tour, but all of them takes you to the iconic site of the Great Ocean Road. I got on a one day eco-tour. If you are like me, who prefer eco-tour then one of the best web to search for the tour is Tours To Go. Generally the highlight on a one day tour include: Australia's most famous surfing destinations (Rip Curl beach), the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch, pass by the towns of Lorne and Anlesea, town of Apollo Bay, the twelve apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and last but not least London Arch (London Bridge). As for me, I got on the Great Ocean Road Tours Australia, as it include morning tea and lunch.

Me in front of the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch
I have to make it clear, I am not sponsor by the Great Ocean Road Tours Australia. One thing I enjoy about this tour is that the tour group is really small. On my tour bus there was approximately 10 people. I believe what made me enjoy this tour is the tour guide. He was really informative and friendly.
Get some sand between my toes
The bus pick me up from my accommodation in Melbourne CBD at 8am sharp. Therefore coffee does help! Then after about 2 hours drive, the bus stop at the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch. The tour guid gave us approximately 15 minutes to wonder around the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch, and it was enough time for us to walk around the beach.

Wild life along the way
Because the Great Ocean Road officially starts at Torquay and takes 243 kilometres westward, so in order to see everything in one day is a real mission. Hence, we do not have time to stop for everything. We pass by the picturesque seaside towns of Lorne and Anglesea. 

Really friendly wide life 
Despite the rush, the tour bus stop along one area where is the sightseeing for Australia wildlife. I was fortunate enough that there were lots of Australian parrot, which was extremely friendly. As well as that, I also spot a sleepy koalas.

Sleepy Koalas
The tour guid was kind enough to gave us time to walk around the beach and check out the scenery. 

Beach along the Great Ocean Road
Along the Great Ocean Road, there are lots of Australian surfer.

Sunny day to be out on the beach
The long sandy beach along the Great Ocean Road.
Lamb souvlaki for lunch
The tour stop for lunch at the coastal town of Apollo Bay. On the tour there are approximately three options. These include: roast chicken, lamb kabob, vegetarian option.

Bush tour
After lunch, the tour took us on a bush tour. The bush walk take place at the ancient Otway's Rainforest, which it contain some of the world's tallest trees. The tour guide shows us around the Australian bus, and explain in detail of the wood and so on. 

Bush walk
I got to say, the bush walk was really nicely layout. The walk way was really easy for anyone to walk around.
The entrance to the twelve apostles
A few hour after the bush walk, we finally arrived at the twelve apostles. The twelve apostles is the highlight of the Great Ocean Road.

The twelve apostles
 The twelve apostles is very windy. Therefore, for a person with long hair like myself, it was really difficult trying to take a decent picture.

Opposite site of the twelve apostles
Rather that the twelve apostles, the opposite side of the twelve apostles is also a very magnificent view.

Loch Ard Gorge
After the breathtaking twelve apostles, another few hours of driven took place, and we arrived at the Loch Ard Gorge.
Loch Ard Gorge
At the Loch Ard Gorge, there are lots of visitors.

The breathtaking Loch Ard Gorge
The Loch Ard Gorge
After a few minute more driven, we view more of the Loach Ard Gorge which is not approachable by foot. But seeable from the tour bus.

London Arch
The last stop of the day was the London Bridge or the London Arch. The tour guid told us that, the name "London Bridge" came about from the fact that this rock formation is visually similar to London Bridge in London. However, as seen in the picture, it is no longer look like London Bridge. The reason because, the bridge part has fall down due to years of ocean erosion. Therefore, it was lucky to see the remainder of the London Bridge before it's all gone!

The other side of London Arch
 Turn to the other side of London Bridge is another breath taking view of the great ocean road.

London Bridge was the last stop for this one-day trip. It took approximately  5-6 hours for the driver to drive from London Bridge back to Melbourne's CBD. I arrived back at my accommodation at 9.30pm, which was later than what the driver approximated. But I did not mind the lateness at all, because the Great Ocean Road gave me so much gracious experience!


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