Monday, 3 November 2014

12 Sutherland St Melbourne 3000

So they say "it's never a good idea to look up picture of delightful food before go to bed". Well there should be a correction "it's never a good idea to look up picture of doughnut before go to bed"! Checking out Short shop's doughnut on Instragram is the worst thing to do before go to bed. Because the the very last thing you want before go to bed is craving for sugary graze doughnut!

Short Stop Doughtnuts
I am sure that, all the Melbourne foodie must some how came across Shortshop's doughnut on Instagram. Guilty as charge, I was on of them. Has to give Short Shop credit for their amazing marketting strategy before openning. As on the first day of trading, the average wait time was 45 minutes for a doughnut! Seriously, I have never thought that there will be such kind of activity happen in Melbourne.
Red velvet cake donuts with beetroot and dark chocolate
Short Shop position them self as the high end doughnut with affordable price. All doughnut cost $4.50AUD. Some of the option include, Earl Grey and rose with inject with lemon myrtle, banana and chocolate hazelnut, red velvet cake donuts with beetroot and chocolate, crullers doughnut with sea salt and much more fine doughnuts with delightful grazing.

Banana chocolate hazelnut doughnut
When I was giving Short Shop a sample, it was already late afternoon. As nutrition obsession, I don't want to breach my routine any further, so I only went with one doughnut. Thankfully, I had a friend with me, so it was a chance for me to taste out her's as well. Yeah!
Earl Grey and rose with injection of lemon myrtle with rose water 
My Earl grey doughnut was more of a cakky doughnut than the typical doughnut I had in mind. The sweetness of the sugary glaze balance nicely with the injected lemon. The aroma of earl grey gave me that sense of breakfast. Unfortunately, the cakky dough was somewhat flavorless and the texture of it was not quite there for me.

On the up side though, I had a few bit in to my friend's cruller with sea salt. Basically it's ring churro, and it was tasty! Every body knows that the only thing that is better than caramel is salted caramel, and that the kind of flavor ring churro provide. The caramelize golden brown of the doughnuts combine supremely well with the sea salt. Because Shot Stop is so popular right now that majority of their doughnut was in the deep frier only a few minutes ago. This means that the the texture of ring churro was still crunchy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside. The ring churro at Short Stop is simply gracious! 

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts on Urbanspoon

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts on Urbanspoon


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