Monday, 10 November 2014

126 Koornang Road, Carnegie 3163
03 9569 6530

Shyun is a place that will provides you with familiar Japanese food at a very good price. The food at Shyun are all very familiar Japanese food such as udon, teriyaki, rice don, chirashi and so on.

Dinner at Shyun
What make dining at Shyun interesting is the fact that ordering is done through Ipad. Each table is provided with Ipad. All that I have to do is scrolling through the menu and choose. This may sound complicated and not original for some people, but believe me, it's help when a place is as busy as Shyun. 

Ordering by Ipad
As for the food, I ordered tuna don, and my friend ordered classic Japanese pork curry. I know some friend who said food at Shyun is good value for money, because the portion size is larger than your typical Japanese place. However, take note through that it's the rice that make the portion size not the protein.

The place is always busy
I had a taste of my friend pork curry, and I was dissapointed. Not disappointed at the curry, but at the pork. The curry taste exactly like what typical Japanese curry should taste like, but the pork was really tender, oilly and just very difficult to eat. Rather than an easily pool apart, my friend really has to put energy into cutting down the pork. That was the disappointment.
Japanese pork curry
As for my spicy tuna done, it was good but not fantastic. The tuna was nicely cook. However was not at a top quality kind of nicely cook. This mean the fish was fully cook, and there was no sense of slight rawness like what a very well cook tuna should have. The flavor of the spicy sauce marry well with the tuna, but nothing special about this dish.

Spicy tuna don
Overall, I am still not sure why this place is so popular purely based on the food. I guess I may have ordered the wrong dish? I believe the only why to find out about this is to come back and try out totally difference style of Japanese that Shyun has to offer.

Shyun on Urbanspoon 

Shyun on Urbanspoon


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