Wednesday, 18 March 2015

25 Wills St Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9670 3278

Operator25 in the last few months of the year in 2014 and beginning of 2015 is one of the most talk about place in Melbourne. Melbourne is a city which is hungry for a good breakfast/branch/lunch and a cup (or two) of coffee. And that is exactly what Operator25 is targeted at. However! I can tell you for a fact that Operator25's food is way too overated.

Breakfast Tortilla, $17 AUD
Operator25 is rank very high when it's comes to coffee. As soon as we arrived at 2pm on a Friday, we were seated right away (which is lucky for popular place). My friend ordered a cut of latte right away. She hoped for amazing coffee, and I hoped for gracious food. Unfortunately, the coffee was average (according to her). My friend ordered the breakfast tortilla filled with chorizo, scrambled egg, mixed mushrooms, aged cheddar cheese and green harissa sauce, which comes at the price $17AUD. As you can see in the picture, the tortilla look very average, and it taste very average. To be truthful the tortilla actually taste very bland. It needs a good seasoning, and just not a high ranking cafe quality!

Matcha and white chocolate Hot cakes, $16 AUD
For my late lunch, I went with the Matcha and white chocolate hot cakes with black sesame mascarpone, banana chips, toasted hazelnut and cherry sauce, which comes at the price $16 AUD. To be truthful, I actually wanted to come to Operator because of this Matcha hot cakes. Just like the tortilla, this dish was absolute disappointment. The hot cake green tea it self was acceptable if ignore that it's a bit dry. Pillowy soft on the inside, good bitterness level of the green tea, crunchy on the outside, with a slight golden brown crunch. The problem is the black sesame cream and the sour cherry sauce. The cream was way too heavy and dense. The sour cherry sauce just have a very strong tang, and does not have any others flavour to it at all. This dish simply was not right at all! The only thing I enjoy from this dish was the crunchy banana chip.

Hot cake with the cherry sauce
Operator25 is way overrated. I have no idea why it is rated so high. Maybe with other dishes? Operator 25, you did not give me gracious experience at all :(

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Operator25 on Urbanspoon


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