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366 Lonsdale St Melbourne, VIC 3000

The first time, I know about Mamak was from my Malaysian friend who lived in New Zealand for majority of her live. She recommended me to visit Mamak while I visit Sydney, but I never did end up visit Mamak when I was in Sydney.

Four years later, when I visited Sydney last July 2014 I happened to stay in Sydney CBD, so China town was near by. I walked pass Mamak all the time while I was in Sydney, and has to say the queuing is CRAZY! I thought I had my fair share of queuing in the pass, but the queuing there was so long that during peak hours, I don't even want to think about how long it will take to get a table. Of course, before leaving I got to check out Mamak. I queue up in the line at 9pm on Sunday evening. Thinking that the wait will not be long. I was wrong. I still have to wait for just over half an hour. I didn't order much, just a taste of some roti and tradition Malaysian drink. Yet, Mamak in Sydney gave me a gracious memory that I just totally forget about the wait.
Chicken Satay
When I got back from Sydney, I told my friend about Mamak in Sydney. He simply told me that "Kate did you know there is Mamak just across the road from where we are not". I just had that face when he gave me that comment. The next weekend, I just has to grab my friend and go straight to Mamak. On Friday evening at 6pm, we waited for just 10 minutes to get a table at Mamak. I was satisfy.
Nasi Lemak with chicken curry
We ordered Nasi Lamak with chicken curry, chicken satay, Ayam goreng, Roti Canai, Ais Kacang and last but not least, banana roti. I know, this amount of food is some feast! But hey, got to make up for some waiting time right?
Ayam goreng
To start off, we had Roti Canai, which basically a very crispy on the outside but supremely soft on the inside. It serve with three dipping sources. One has a fishy base, one is lentil base and the other is just plain spicy. My personal favorite is the fish base as it was difference yet tasty. After a few individual taste of the dipping source, turn out by mixing all of them together result is a great combination! I really enjoy Roti Canai.
Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai
Next off it's Nasi Lamak. As shown in the picture, it's basically rice in the center and everything else on the side. I don't know exactly how to eat this so I just eat each individually first them mix them all up. Nasi Lamak at Mamak is not exactly what I had in mind. The chicken curry which comes with it didn't exactly blow me away. But I just it's just good to know about it now. As a side dish, we had chicken satay and ayam goreng (Malaysian fried chicken). Chicken satay was just a little bit above average for me, but my friend who went with me really enjoy it. When we initially ordered ayam goreng, the waitress told us that we have to wait approximately 10-15 minutes, but it felt like much longer than that. By the time ayam goreng arrived, both me and by friend were already getting full. However, we somehow manage to drive through and finish it any way. Again, ayam goreng didn't quite live to Mamak standard like the roti canai.
Ais Kacang
For desert, we ordered Ais Kacang (finely cut ice with many different favor of syrups) and banana roti. The idea of finely cut ice and lots of different favor of syrups is to provide the balance between sweet and savory favor. However, ais kacang at Mamak didn't cut it. This dish was simply way too sweet (even for sweet tooth like me!). I can't even finish it, which is rare for me.
Banana Roti with ice cream
On the other hand, banana roti is absolutely luscious! In the fist bite, it just has all the right combination of the wow factors. The crunch from the roti, the sweetness from banana, the coolness from the ice cream and a little bit of tangy from. . . well somewhere. Although I was so full by the time banana roti arrived, I finish it! It fulfill the great meal fantastically.

If I do come back to Mamak again (which I will), I will for sure goes for the roti canai and the banana roti. I guess my theory of certain restaurant is special for certain element is proven here. Based from my experience at Mamak, anything to do with Roti is just yum. Everything else is a gamble but worth a try. Just has to say, roti at Mamak is gracious

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