Wednesday, 26 November 2014

254 La Trobe St Melbourne, CBD
03 9654 9930 

Oreiental Spoon is one of the reliable South Korean eats that is decent price, clean, easy to access, and importantly tasty!

Steak Tofu
Oriental Spoon is a big place. When me and my friend first enter the store, we were seated right at the end of the store. As we were walking along, we notice that the potion size at Oriental Spoon is massive for Asian store. Hence, for a safety reason of not having left over, between me and my friend we only ordered two dishes. 

Beef Bulgogi and spicy seafood strew
Like many Korean store, there are many complementry side dishes. Steak tofu came out along with the other complementary side dishes. Hence, initially we though that it included in the complementary. However, it was the stuff mistake. We did not oder the dish. Yet, it was surprisingly tasty! Rather than the steak tofu, the beef bulgogi was really tasty, and so as the spicy seafood strew. My friend never tried tofu strew before, and she love it!

Spicy chicken strew
The second time around I try out Oriental Spoon was during a very cold winter day. As the result, I decided to order something spicy, and the spicy chicken strew was exactly what I after. One thing though that I did not know about this spicy chicken strew was that the rice cake was half cook. Therefore, it was still solid hard. Between be and my friend, we have to eat around the rice cake for a while. By turing the heat up, approximately 10-15 minutes later, the rice cake cook all the way through. And believe me, when the rice cake juster cook, when dipping it in spicy source, that fulfil your food craving big time! 

I knows for the fact that Oriental Spoon is famous for their cheese  bul dam, budae casserole and their galbi tang. Thus, I should find a time and a few friends to come back to Oriental Spoon. As I know for the fact that Oriental spoon will provide me the gracious experience like big time!

Oriental Spoon on Urbanspoon

Oriental Spoon on Urbanspoon


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