Saturday, 8 November 2014

358 Victoria street North Melbourne, 3051
03 9329 8018

The name goes by "Little Africa", but the experience you get out of it is so not little! Little Africa is a little place located in West/North Melbourne area, and it is the hidden gem when it's come to Africa food.
Combination for two, $25AUD each
It was my first time trying out Ethiopian food, so between me and my friend we decided to go with combination of meat and vegetable to share for two. When it serve, I'm pretty sure the amount of food and feed like 5 people. Was massive serving!

Range of meat and vegetable
On the plate there were ranged of chicken, fish, lentils, potatoes and beef. Each have their own distinct flavor which mead eating each individually interesting. The flat bread (injera) is sour individually. However when eat it with the dish, the mix does all the talking. That is tasty!

Counter at Little Africa
Dining Ethiopian cuisine is interesting because traditionally you supposed to eat with your hand, and only right hand. On top of that, because Ethiopian food is so out of my "conform zone" of food cuisine, dining Little Africa create lots of excitement between me and my friend.

African decorations
If you ever looking for a place to to have a "one of a kind" experience, my recommendation is to go for African food. And the place to try this out is at Little Africa. Little Africa will knock your sock off, as it did with mind. Little Africa, you simply provide me the gracious experience.

Little Africa on Urbanspoon

Little Africa on Urbanspoon


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