Monday, 3 November 2014

7 Johnston street Collingwood, Melbourne 3066
03 9416 1462

Going on food adventure is absolutely one of my favorite activity to do on Friday evening. This week cuisine is Ethiopian, and the place to try out is Savanna in Collingwood, Fitzory.

Combination Platter for three
The first time I try out Ethiopian food was in April at a little place around Melbourne CBD. However my friends had never try Ethiopian food before so it was exciting for them. Savanna is the only few places that sell Ethiopian food and is walkable from CBD.

Food for four people
I have this theory that when ever on food adventure it's always good to ask the waitress for help in ordering. The waitress told us that between the four of us, is best to go for platter to share between three, and order the lamb sizzling plate. And we agree!

Sizzling goat meat
Interesting, Savanna is run by one lady. She was our waiter and the chef cook! Clearly, this place should provide home-cook Ethiopian food, should be exciting right?
Combination of all the vegetarian dishes
It was smart of us that we goes with platter to shares, because it come with chicken curry, injera (Ethiopian sour dour), salad, doro and taste of varieties of vegetarian dishes on the menu. When the dish was serve, the waitress explain to us that to eat Ethiopian traditionally only supposed to eat with hand, and right hand only. Awesome! I mean who doesn't like to get their hand dirty once in a while? Injera is sour, but when eat it with dishes the favor balance out really nicely. Even my friends who are too quite open minded about new culture too enjoy the meal very much. Not knowingly, the chicken curry is quite spicy. Therefore one of my friend found it difficult to eat the curry. Instead she just has to eat around the curry, which was interesting to watch. 

Have to say, the dish which I enjoyed the most of the sizzling lamb. The lamb was very lean, the peppery of the spices was enough to kick my spice buds. The favor of onions and green peppers married with the lamb nicely and level up with the spice in the lamb sensationally. All of us agreed that our favorite dish was the lamb.

Rather than dinner, Savanna also serve traditional Ethiopian coffee. Unfortunally drinking coffee at 8pm is not my kind of thing. Experience at Savanna totally satisfied my hunger for excitement. If you are searching for a place to go on food adventure head to Savanna, they will provide you the gracious experience!

Savanna African Restaurant and Cafe on Urbanspoon

Savanna African Restaurant and Cafe on Urbanspoon


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