Sunday, 8 February 2015

Various locations around Bangkok

Chabuton is a franchise restaurant from Japan. There are Chabuton at various place around Bangkok, and every place provide the same Chabuton standard.

Entrance to Chabuton
In Thailand, Chabuton has both Chabuton ramen and Chabuton. The difference is, one is specialise in ramen the other is specialise in pork. We went with Chabuton. At Chabuton, they are specialise in deep fried batter coated, serve with Japanese rice and miso soup.

Complementary salad
Once ordered the kind of pork, the waiter will provide the plating and unlimited complementary shredded cabbage. As for salad dressing, there are two options. The Japanese soya source or the toasted sesame salad dressing. The idea of this complementary salad was to distract the customer from the waiting time.

Classic Japanese Katsu
My father went with the classic Japanese Katsu. This is the pork cooked in Chabuton Katsu recipe. This dish was serve with Japanese steam rice, and a thick sesame mixed source.

Japanese Katsu curry
My younger brother, went with Japanese Katsu curry. Similar to the classic Japanese Katsu dish, this dish was serve with Japanese pork Katsu and the original Japanese curry. This dish is such a manly dish as there was no single vegetable serve with it, and the pork was unusually large, which suit hungry man.

Japanese Katsudon
 I went with Japanese Katsudon. The way the pork cutlet was cook was similar to the classic Japanese Katsu and the Japanese Katsu curry. That is pork cutlet deep fried with Chabuton recipe. The dish was essentially a blow of rice top with pork cutlet, onion and egg. This dish is a very homemy Japanese dish, that you could find in most Japanese restaurant, but the only difference is how the pork was cook. Chabuton recipe cooked the pork cutlet very interestingly that work the come back!

Green tea ice cream
Once finish the main dish, Chabuton serve complementary green tea ice cream. This is actually my second favourite part about dining at Chabuton. As the flavour of the green tea ice cream was so rich, yet not overly sweet like many other green tea ice cream from many other places.

Japanese food has been around Thailand for years. Some places is very average, while some is absolutely to die for. Chabuton is on the absolutely to die for end of the spectrum. I would recommend to visit Chabuton as it will provide you the gracious Japanese expenditure.


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