Sunday, 8 February 2015

Amici by Pomodoro
Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Ground Floor Siam Paragon
Bangkok 10330, Thailand 

Amici By Pomodoro (Amici) is an Italian Restaurant that provides a sensational experience at a very reasonable price. 

Italian pan fried sea bass
Amici menu provides a long list of classic Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta and the more fancy fine dining dish such as Italian pan fired Sea bass. The lunch and dinner menu is identical, thus if you feel like fine dining dishes for lunch is absolutely available. On top of that, Amici has a fantastic wine list and in case you are not sure of what to get, the service at Amici is extremely helpful.

Truffles soup (sorry about the blur)
For starters, I highly recommend the truffles soup. The soup was serve in a black coffee shot. The soup has a very strong aroma of truffles, and the combination of truffles and cream is also very strong. The soup was serve with two little deep fried bread, which was fantastic for dipping!

Sea food soup
Beside the main menu, Amici also has recommendation menu. In this menu, it contain all the signature dishes of Amici. I ordered a sea food soup, which look delightful. However, for me it was average. The truffle soup is far more delish!

Black truffle risotto with foie gras
We decided to have semi main meal, as so many dishes on the menu seems very delicious. The first semi main meal was the black truffle risotto with foie gras. I can not sense the black truffle in the risotto as strong in this dish compare to the truffle soup. However the foie gras also has a very strong flavour which the mix lift this dish.

Lobster pasta
The second semi main meal was lobster pasta. It was a dry pasta, but very peppery. This dish was a married of Italian and Thai. The flavour was quite Thai, while the ingredient was more Italian. Yet, this married was a beautiful married. 

Pork chop
The first main dish was the pork chop. This dish is absolutely relish! It was so tender, full of flavour and an absolute not to be miss. This dish was large for Thai, so I would recommend to share.

Australia lamp shank
Although I'm Thai, but after years of living in Australia and New Zealand I always has room for comfort food, lamp shank. Lamp shank from Amici is average from New Zealand standard, but for Thai it's exceptional.

White fish with mushroom source
After two strong main dishes, we decided to order the lighter main meal. First it's the white fish with mushroom source. The mushroom source was a good amount of pepper mixed in. Thus, the pepper flavour is very much over power. Yet the overall flavour is yum!

Snow fish pan fried
The last main dish was Snow fish pan fried. This dish served with creamy source and celery dressing. The idea of the flavour sound delight. Yet, when eat with the Snow fish it was no way as sensational. However the fish was so fresh that just eating the fish it self was enough.

Chocolate lava
 To finish off the experience at Amici, we ordered two deserts. The first was the classic Italian desert, chocolate lava. When the dish was serve, personally I was dissapointed. As the was the desert was place, was a very classic placing. This was opposite to the way all the other dishes was serve (modern). However, the presentation was secondary to eating! The lava was just good, and that was it.
Orange crepe
 The last dish of the meal was the orange crepe. This dish was to die for! The crepe was exactly what it should be. The orange source was exactly what orange source should be. A desert to die for!

Overall Amici is a place to visit after a long shooing day at Siam Paragon mall. Hence, if you ever in the Siam Paragon mall, or even MBK, it worth a little walk to the ground floor to Amici.


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