Sunday, 15 February 2015

250 Sukhumvit Road, 1F Sheraton Grande Bangkok Thailand


In Bangkok Thailand, there are many fantastic restaurants, and Rossini's is top of the list. Rossini's reputation has exceptional standards A caring and warm welcome, a relaxing and intimate ambience, great value and delicious Italian food.

Chocolate at Rossini's
Rossini's staff is absolutly wonderful. The minute I walked in, the staff would carry my bags for me and seated me where ever I wishes. I was seated near the entrance of Rossini's, which was one of the best table to view the luxury decoration of Sheraton Grand hotel.

Table set up
 As soon as I was seated, the staff would serve me with the menu and along with complementary freshly made Italian breads and dipping. There was Italian olive oil, whipped sour cream and whipped garlic. All of which was delicious! Rossini's menu was only two pages long, and along with it another page of wine. Unfortunately, people I was dinning with are not a fan of alcoholic drink, so I didn't have a chance at tasting any.
Foie gras brêlée

Once order my dinner, Rossini's staff serve us with appetiser. Rossini's appetiser changes every week, and this week special is foie gras brelee. The cup was double glass, so I could not tell (before eaten) whether this dish was hot or cool. 

Salumi della tradizione (Italian meat platter)
I ordered Salumi della tradition (Italian meat platter) for sharing for starter. Rossini's does not ask for serving size, but rather, the staff count the number of people sharing and the kitchen staff prepare the right size for sharing. On the platter, there were thinly sliced coppa, salami, mortadella, and baresaola. Along with it, four pieces of olive oil. As the complementary bread was re-fillable, it was fantastic to have the slice meat with the freshly bake bread.

Foie gras with foam pumpkin
The second starter was Foie gras with foam pumpkin. The Foie gras was approximately 2 inches long, which was very generously serve.  The Foie gras was perfectly cook. The skin was ceramelise, creamy and silky smooth. Generally, Foie gras goes very nice with something sweet, and in this case the form pumpkin was that sweet feature. The pumpkin was in foam form, was it was not too dense. On top of this, were was this thick black sauce. This sauce provides salty flavour, which was not too overpower. Overall, every last balance perfectly.

crema di carciofi (Artichoke soup)
On the menu, there was cream di carciofi (Artichoke soup). I had never have Artichoke soup before, or even Artichoke before! When I was ordering, I was unsure of what Artichoke would taste like, but I believed in Rossini's skill in cooking. Artichoke soup was serve with pieces of boil Artichoke, and toped with cream foam. The taste was combination of creamy and tang. It was very difference from any other soup I have tasted before, but overall it was nice.

gnocchi soffici (vegetable gnocchi)
I have had gnocchi many time before Rossini's, and I got to say, gnocchi at Rossini's is one of my favourite. It was crazily silky smooth on the inside. The onion was cook till it was golden brown, and season very excellently. My dad had never had gnocchi before, and he totally fall in love with it! As a meat lover, I would say the only thing missing from it was some kind of meat. But that's just me. 

Risotto ai funghi (Lobster risotto)

Next was the Risotto ai fungi (Lobster risotto). It was interesting to see that, rather serving the lobster on top of the risotto, it was serve on the side. This totally reminded me how in culinary world, some of the chef are trying to modernise their dishes. As for the taste, the lobster was so fresh that when bite into it, I can hear crunchy noise in my ear. The risotto cooking time was spot on, this was evidence on the texture of risotto. The risotto was creamy, but the tomato sauce was tangy, which was great balance.

Branzino all acqua pazza (Pan fried Sea Bass)
 One of the main dish was Branzino all aqua pazza (Pan fried sea bass) serve with cooked tomato. This was my favourite dish. The fish was so fresh, the skin was crunchy, and the taste was so spot on. The cooked tomato provide a tangy taste, which was nice with the fish. There was small amount of creamy sauce along with the fish. That sauce has a salty taste to it, and it provide an extra creaminess to this dish. On top of this, there was fresh basal, which complexities up this dish in a good way.

Italian sausage with rocket salad
Italian sausage with rocket salad was not on the menu. However, when ordering, my parent wanted to eat Italian sausage and salad. Thus, the waiter said that the kitchen stuff could come up with a special dish just for us. That was very nice of Rossini's staff. The salad was essentially rocket salad, parmesan cheese, fresh tomato and dress with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing. When eaten all the pieces together, it made me feel like a teenage girl with a tube of Pringles chip. I just can't stop eating it, it was seriously yum.

Gelato and granite artigianale
After an absolutely gracious dinner, I just can't walk away from rosin's without desert! On top of my list of desert, I have got to order ice cream. I ordered vanilla and lime gelato, and a berry granite artigianale. My favourite was the vanilla gelato. The flavour was so rich, and creamy. I believe this vanilla gelato is one of my favourite one in Bangkok. 

Insalata di frutta stagionale
Insalata di frutta stagionate was basically like merengue with fruit. Although the menu said fresh fruit, but after eating it, I can tell it was frozen. However, I didn't mind it, as the merengue was instantly good. In the picture you can't see it, but it was two pieces of merengue sandwich together the cream. Thus, eating each pieces of the merengue was not too hard. This dish wasn't only taste good, it's cook wonderful!

Overall dinning at Rossini's was sensational. The Italian food was authentic, with modern twist to it. I guess, trying to describe what's its like dining at Rossini's, is difficult, because the experience dinning at it is gracious. You just got to go and tried it out!


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