Monday, 2 March 2015

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26 Elizabeth St CBD Melbourne, VIC 3000

One of the best burger from Rocket burger & Fries is The Man Burger. The Patties were cooked at medium rare, so the burger was juicy, bold flavour and the only thing I could ask for was more!

The Man Burger, $10
 The way that the Rocket burger cook all of their burger patties is medium rare to retain maximum taste. Thus, if you are not a fan of medium rare patties, I highly advices you to let the stuff at the Rocket knows quickly. 

Rocket Burgers and fries store entrance
Rocket burger is located on the corner of Elizabeth St and Finder St. This place is essentially fast food store, but at premium quality and minimal price.

The menu
There are ranges of burger options and as as combo option. I would suggest to get the combo option as it is so worth it. Say if I order the Man burger (the best burger there) it is $10. Then a regular chip cost $4. In a combo, I pay $15 but I get the Man burger, regular chip, one of my choice dipping sauce and any drink. 
Order and pick-up system
Based on the pricing value, and the location of the store the Rocket burger is a hit around the area. Therefore, they have orneriness the order and pick-up.

The combo
The combo is such a bargain. But even if it was not a bargain, I wouldn't care after I have the Man burger.  The burger of juicy (which is how beef should be eaten to get the full flavour of it), enough seasoning, right level of grease, fresh vegetable, tasty sauces, and just heavenly to eat. As for the chip, it was Okey for me and I had a better one else where. 

A handful to eat
The Man burger is the real deal at Rocket burger and fries. It was bold, it was tasty and simply a gracious to eat it.

Rocket Burger & Fries on Urbanspoon

Rocket Burger & Fries on Urbanspoon


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