Monday, 9 March 2015

27-31 Hardware Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9670 9388

Big Boy BBQ is a place that give you of what living an American lifestyle would be like. 

The "Zee" Man, $12.50 AUD
Big Boy BBQ set up like fast food store, that is self order but food will be serve at your table. Majority of the meat at Big Boy BBQ is slow cook. such as BBQ ribs, beef brisket pulled lamb shoulder and so on.

The store set up
 Big Boy BBQ is famous for their burger or their ribs. I decided to go with the two meats. My friend decided to go with the Zee man extra meat with the side chips and onion ring.

The two meats, $13.50AUD
My first bit at this meat was Oh my Goodness!!! Why hasn't I visited this place earlier!!! The meat was absolutely juicy, tasty, tender and simply YUM! I am a fan of a little chilli, so with a touch of extra chilli this dish totally excite by taste butt to heaven. 

Big Boy BBQ entrance
My friend ordered the Zee man with extra meat (extra $7 AUD).

The Zee man with extra meat, $20
In the Zee man, Big Boy BBQ put in their famous onion ring. This dish has so many fantastic texture. The crunch of the onion ring, the tender beef brisket and to top all of this of is the tasty BBQ sauce. Seriously after you dine at Big Boy BBQ, you don't want to visit the other American burger joint again!
Big Boy BBQ shirt
Just like America, after you have your meal. In case your shirt got a little bit smaller, there are Big Boy BBQ T-Shirt for purchase.

Big Boy BBQ is the place for a great cheat meal. The first bite of the burger will give you the gracious experience.

Big Boy BBQ on Urbanspoon
Big Boy BBQ on Urbanspoon


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