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2 Exhibition St Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000

03 9207 7444

Gazi is a place that combine classic Greek food with modern touch and a Melbourne twist. At Gazi, you can expect to find classic good such as souvlaki. But the souvlaki at Gazi is not your typical souvlaki that you can find on a food truck. You can expect to find something unoriginal such as soft-shell crab souvlaki or duck souvlaki. Sound like these unoriginal stuffing does not go well with souvlaki? Well believe me, they goes together crazily well!
Desert at Gazi
At lunch time, Gazi is not as busy as during dinner time. I would recommend that unless you come in the group of 4 or more, I would recommend to call for booking. Else you are most likely to wait in the queue for some time.
Cheese, $14.50 AUD
I ask the waitress for recommendation for Gazi first time visit. He ask me, on the kind of texture I enjoy, and I told him creamy. Then he recommend to get the Cheese. Cheese is essentially grill cheese with balsamic honey and figs. This dish is under the ethnic vromika section of the menu

Tzatziki dips and bread $9.50 AUD
Along with our Cheese is the Tzatziki dips and bread. The dips selection of definitely a not to miss in Gazi menu. The dip is really tasty, and the dipping bread is cook to profession.

Beef and Crab souvlakakia $9.50 and $12 AUD
The most excited part about dinning at Gazi is eating it's delicious souvlakakia (souvlaki). We ordered "Beef" and "Crab". The Beef is stuff along with chips, parsley, onion and mustard mayo. For some reason, this time the beef stuffing was rather tough, so not meeting my liking. The Crab is soft shell bram with mint, coriander, honey and mayo. The Crab is definitely one cracking dish! It is crazily delicious. It is so good that I was so close to ordering another one!
Manitari, $14.50 AUD
Next is the squeed. The Manitari is not your ordinary deep fried squeed. Rather, it's freshly caught squeed with mushrooms, yogurt and herb.  This dish is very difference to the way that I am used to seeking my squeed being cook (deep fried). Yet it has really interesting combination of creamy from the yogurt, crunchy from the squeed and flagrant herb. However, it is nice trying it out, but I think next time I would try something else.

Gazi signature roof
Gazi has beautiful decoration. One of their signature and most beautiful decoration is that wavy upside down cray pot roof. 
Table at the bar
Gazi is very busy, so it is not a surprise to see table at the bar being full as well.
Acropolis now, $12.50 AUD
 My recommendation at Gazi is to never leave Gazi without desert! We ordered the acropolis now, which is strawberry mousse, chocolate and strawberry gel. Visually, this dish look divine!
Inside Acropolis now
Word can not describe how delicious acropolis now is. All I can tell you is GET TO GAZI!!!!

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Gazi on Urbanspoon


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