Monday, 4 May 2015

50 Albert Rd South Melbourne, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
03 9088 0721

The Kettle Black capture the beautiful side of  Melbourne Royal Botanic garden and Albert park. Their classy theme has been translate into their food. Like their sister store Top Paddock, The Kettle Black serve very beautiful elegant good.
The Kettle Black's branch
The Kettle Black located in white beautiful building located on Albert Road near the Domain Interchange.
The Kettle Black beautiful architechture
Some people don't stop for the Kettle Black for their food. But rather for their coffee. Thus, you can easily order coffee from there coffee takeaway pop up just in front of the Kettle Black.
Seating by the coffee bar
Around The Kettle Black
Glass window entrance to The Kettle Black
Pastry available at The Kettle Black
The Kettle Black does many of their own pastry. Beside their own pastry, the Kettle Black also has pastry from Melbourne beloved Doughboys Doughnuts

House blend coffee long black
Interestingly, when ordered the house blend, it is serve with sparkling water. Both the house blend long black and the lattes were delicious
House made coconut yogurt with seasonal fruit, $16 AUD
The mix of fresh fruit and nuts on the tasty coconut yoghurt is absolutely divine! The nuts provides many difference kind of crunch factors. The fresh fruit provides the nature sweet and sour taste. The coconut yoghurt was not overly sweet, but perfect level of creaminess to it. When eaten all together made this dish very delicious. 
Benedict Styled Eggs with Free Range Pork Shoulder and Aerated Hollandaise, $17 AUD
The pork has the middle eastern aroma touch to it, which makes this dish very exceptional. The egg was perfectly poached, so the inside was still very runny. For me the hollandaise was good, but the pork was far tastier than the sauce. When eaten together the pork was way over power the sauce. 
Hotcakes with House made ricotta, blueberries, double cream , pure maple and seeds, $18 AUD
I have tried the hotcakes from Top Paddock before. I am happy to say that hotcakes from The kettle black is no second. Melt in your mouth soft on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. The fresh maple coating made the dish very sweet and fresh. The balance sweetness is balance by the sour from the fresh seasonal fruit. To top all of this off was the crunch of the seeds.

The Kettle Black is the place to visit if you around the Botanic garden or the Albert park. The food here is absolutely sensational at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend to get the house made coconut yoghurt, because once you tried it, you will never look at other coconut yoghurt again!!

The Kettle Black on Urbanspoon

The Kettle Black on Urbanspoon

Eating my way through the egg Benedict
Best to eat the pork and the egg separately. Else the aroma of the pork will over power the egg.
The 1 ince thick pancake
I highly recommend to eat the hotcake along with other savery dish. Else, you will feel shock of the sweetness (unless you have super sweet tooth). 
The delicious and healthy coconut yoghurt


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