Tuesday, 12 May 2015

295 Smith St Fitzroy, Fitzroy,VIC 3065
03 9419 2130

Po' Boy is the only few place in Melbourne that you could get Southern American soul food. Po's Boy is famous for their Deep fried shrimp sandwich, gumbo and pull pork.
Deep Fried Shrimp Po Boys
Iconic Po's Boy sign

Po' Boy entrance
Po's Boy have a few outdoor seating. On a very nice day, I highly recommend to dine under the sun.
Po' Boy menu
Every now and then Po's Boy will have their special dish. When we were there, they had the crab gumbo as their special dish of the day.
Deep Fried Shrimp Po's Boy, $11.9 AUD
 The Deep fried shrimp sandwich arrived very fast. There are really generous amount of golden crumbed deep fried shrimp in the sandwich. The shrimp was really crunch, serve with fresh tomato, picked cucumber, slaw, mayo all in half foot bread. There is a dash of hot sauce, which was a nice contrast to the sandwich. For me the bread was a bit hard, which made this dish a bit hard to made. The mayo was not really well spread, so as I was eating it, some bite I had the mayo, while some other bite don't. For me, I would prefer eating just the shrimp and the salad.
Crab Gumbo, $12 AUD
 Next is the famous New Orleans gumbo. I have never really had a lot of gumbo in the past, so I do not sure what it suppose to be like. Even so, I was not a fan of the gumbo. As there were 4 chunk of crabs, it took us ages to get through the meal.
Fried Chicken
How can you go pass the fried chicken, when it's comes to southern food? We ordered the fried Chicken. The chicken was really nice and crunchy. There were creamy sauce at the bottom of the plate, which in a way made reminded me of American buffalo wing. I highly recommend to eat the chicken with the chilli sauce, and a bit of chilli dash goes a long way.
Everything on a table
 My personal favourite was the Chicken!
A very messy meal
I can let you know in advance that most of the dish on the menu can be really messy to eat.

Do: The fried chicken and the shrimp (just because the shrimp and the child sauce was yum!)

I can let you know, ordering 3 dishes only cost $34 AUD. Value for money right!

Po' Boy Quarter on Urbanspoon

Po' Boy Quarter on Urbanspoon


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