Friday, 28 November 2014

279B Greers Road, Bishopdale 8053 Christchurch New Zealand

+64 03 359 4697

If you are looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Christchurch New Zealand, Kinji Restaurant (Kinji) is the place. And this is coming from somebody who's has taste all of Japanese restaurant in Christchurch New Zealand.

Spider roll (soft shell crab), $18 NZD
Kinji is place that provide you the authentic, delicious Japanese food. Based on Kinji's menu, there are ranges of Japanese food with fresh New Zealand ingredients. 

Despite the look and the name, one of the dish which Kinji is famous for is the Spider roll. It basically is deep fried soft shell crab put into sushi roll. When order this dish, you has to make sure that you are not too hungry. Because this dish is made to order, and it can take a while. But believe me, it is so worth the wait! The soft shell crab is very crunchy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside. Even in the sushi roll, the crab is still very crunchy. This dish hits all the wow factors, and I can see why, people keep coming back to Kinji.

Venison sashimi, price change (special menu)
 Beside the food available on the menu, Kinji also provides lots of special dish off the menu. While I was there, some of the special I had was the venison sashimi. I had many venison before in the past, and this venison is delish. The fresh melt in the mouth. The meat was cook for a little, which provided slight smoky aroma, which lift the whole dish to the next level.

Fresh oyster Japanese style, price change daily
New Zealand is known for their seafood, and eating fresh oyster is some of my favourite thing to eat. Therefore, I could not go pass the daily special fresh oyster Japanese style. As I expected, the oysters were sensational. My friend who was with me, who has never tried out fresh oyster before love it as well. The oyster were so fresh that I can still taste the sea water. The seasoning that Kinji uses lift the seasoning of this dish to be really heavenly.

Tempura combination, $18 NZD
Japanese cooking is famous for their tempura (deep fried), so we could not go pass tempura dish. The coated tempura was beautiful cooking. Really crunchy on the outside, and the fish were perfectly cook. As for the vegetable tempura, initially I was a bit skeptical at fist, since I had some bad experience in the past. But by giving the vegetable tempura a chance was great idea. It was not greasy at all. To put it in simple term, there were out of this world delicious.

Steam New Zealand mussel in Japanese style,  $16 NZD
Another feature which New Zealand is famous for is the mussel. Once, we had the sensational oyster in Japanese style, between me and my friend we decided to ordered the steam mussel. This dish was not as sensational as the oyster, but it was just better than average.

5 kind of sashimi, $28 NZD
We also ordered the fresh sashimi, and they were seriously fresh. All of the sashimi were literary melt in the mouth. I can still taste the sweetness of the scollop, which was so delightful.

Deep fried whole king prawn, $16 NZD
The last main dish was the sizzling king prawn. It was nice to have a dish which is difference from all the other dish. This dish was a typical Japanese style of cooking. That is fried something, then floated with Japanese mayonnaise and another type of Japanese source. 

Green tea tiramisu, $10 NZD
To finish off the wonderful experience at Kinji. We decided to go all Japanese. Therefore, we ordered green tea tiramisu. Basically, rather than the original coffee, green tea powdered was used to replace the coffee and the chocolate. It was difference from the original, but on the scale of yumminess, this desert was off the chart. Even my friend who does not like green tea at all, absolutely love it!

For anyone who live, or even visit Chrstchurch, Kinji is the place to visit. The Japanese food here is so delicious, the stuff is extremely friendly, and you will get a gracious experience from dining at Kinji.


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