Saturday, 29 November 2014

Two locations:
1) 3/300 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch New Zealand
+64 338 2882
2) 251B Riccaton Road, Christchurch New Zealand
+64 348 1883

When it's comes to healthy, delicious food, Mosaic by Simo (Simo) is the best place in Christchurch. Simo  bring together delicious, authentic Moroccan cooking with fresh New Zealand ingredients. The philosophy at Simo is to cook with what the mother nature provided, and that food is at it's best when it is fresh. Hence, Simo is Christchurch hidden gem.

Two choice of salad from deli cabinet

Simo on Lincoln road is Simo original store, and this is where deli cabinet is available. Food from deli cabinet consists of traditional moroccan food such as chickpea salad and lentil.

Moroccan lamb pie
Beside the vegetarian options, from the deli cabinet, there are also non vegetarian options available. We ordered the Moroccan lamb pie. When serve, the pie was heated and serve with side salad. The pie was very moist, the lamb was lean and not gamey at all. The combination of the pie and the salad was very nicely together. As the salad provide the freshness, the crunch, and creaminess from dressing. Mean while the pie was top with canberay source, which gave it another dimension to the dish.

Moroccan chicken roll
One of my other friend ordered moroccan chicken roll. I would say this is more like a mix of Vietnamese and Moroccan cooking come together. Was difference, but was nice. This dish is very fresh, and light, which is perfect for a nice light lunch.

Stuff chicken

 Simo store on Riccarton road is difference from Simo at Addington. There is no deli cabinet. However, it has Simo famous Tapas/Mezze. On top of this, due to the fact that Simo on Riccarton road is close to the University of Canterbury, student get 5% discount from any purchase.

Sticky date cake
Other than the main, Simo is just as delicious. We ordered the sticky date cake. It is delicious.

Simo is the place to visit for anybody looking for healthy, delicious food. By visiting Simo, you will gather gracious experience.

251B Riccaton Road, Christchurch New Zealand Location:

3/300 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch New Zealand Location:


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