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38 Toorak Road South Yarra, Melbourne 3141
03 9867 5888

LuxBite delicacy creations
LuxBite is own and operate by Malaysian Australian. One of the co-owner used to be on the very famous Australia cooking shows, Master Chef Australia. I am not sure exactly what season he was in, but from memory I think he was on 2012 shows. Since then, he carry his passion and open up LuxBite,  which give opportunity for foodie to try out his creation.
LuxBite decoration
Being a foodie, with supreme level of sweet tooth I had known about LuxBite for months. Unfortunately the opportunity of trying it out has not come up until now. Around July 2014, my Kiwi friends visited me and I just has to give them the Melbourne experiences and of course this include eating desert! Despite not trying out before, I truly believe in LuxBite legacy that I just took my friends there. 
Endless Love
Between the 3 of us, we decided to get 4 deserts. Reason being "well we are not in Melbourne all the time, less go for goal!" Guess I just has to happily go along. When we were there, there was only one Endless Love left, and according to the waitress that is one of their most popular item. Therefore we just has to get it.
Inside is fill with lychee
Between the 3 of us, we manage the divided each desert in 3 serving. Not knowingly, Endless love is fill with can lychee which is one of my favorite fruit (the fresh one, but either way doesn't matter for me). The sweetness of the raspberry macarons shell balance very nicely with the tanginess of the fresh raspberry. To make all of your taste buds activated, the sweet aroma of can lychee hit it, which made Endless love, endless happiness.
Ozzie has their love affair with Nutella, and Kiwi has their love affair with banoffee. Therefore choosing the Banoffee was a no brainer for my Kiwi friends. Banoffee from LuxBite combine banana and chocolate favors very well. What was even better was that there was some kind of crunch in it, which was sensational. The two of my Kiwi friends absolutely love the banoffee. I had never been a bit fan of banoffee, but even so I still enjoy it very much.

When I used to live in Christchurch New Zealand, one of my most memorable memory with eating desert was with this place call Jaime les Macarons. When I fist discovered it, it was a little place own and run by two house wives who like to eat desert! As the years pass by, their skill developed extensively and now this place is regarded as one of the best place to get macarons in New Zealand. Beside macarons, they are also popular with their cakes. One of their best selling is their Alaska cake. Unfortunately, due to being a student and now owning a car, getting to Jamie's shops is difficult and time consuming. Therefore I had never try their Alaska cake. Luckily, LuxBite offer Meringue Monster, which look almost identical to Jamie's Alaska cake.

Meringue Monster, $8.50 AUD
 This Meringue Monster is gluten free. The favors of it is a combination of watermelon yogurt (pinky area), strawberry mousse (pinky area) and green tea sponge as the based. As you could tell, not exactly the kind of Alaska cake I had in mind, but even so it's nice to have something fruity after our banoffee. 

Be My Love, $8.50AUD
This may sound like such a first world country problem, but in the reality is. . . . . . .it is. When we were choosing for our last cake, my friends and I had so much troublesome trying to choose our desert that the waitress just has to jump in and help out. I mean, seriously I am sure many people out there will have the same problem when you see the range and variety that LuxBite has to offer. That a lot of the time you just has this voice in your head telling you to try them all! Anyway, the waitress recommended us to get Be my love, which is a dark chocolate with milk mousses and raspberry cream. We just believe her as in the end she has adverse selection.
Inside Be my love
The outside of Be my love contain a rich dark chocolate which I absolutely adore. The milk chocolate mousse made this cake lighter. The raspberry cream in the inner layer provide the needed tang. There actually a hint of salt berried in out of the layer too but I just can't identify where. To make your body love you even more. This cake is gluten free! Not a bad cake to end our afternoon tea. 

It's a fact that sugar can harm your health in so many way. But at the same time sugar can so much join in life like birthday cake, graduation cake and so on.  If you ever wanting to hang out with friends in an elegant place, with absolutely sensational deserts, LuxBite is a place which will give you a gracious experience.  

Second time around

Yes, I did went back to LuxBite. Not at their shop thought but at one of their stall during Melbourne Spring Festival in 2014. I mean seriously how could you not drop by at LuxBite when the opportunity has pop up?

LuxBite creation at the Spring Festival
Despite wide range of option of sugary deserts at their shop in South Yarra, at the Spring festival there were limited options. However, what special about this event is that LuxBite has created Nutella macarons. Seriously, LuxBite has done their homework really well!

Left is Nutella macarons, right is berry favor macarons
Only for a dollar each (because it was the end of the day), I had a chance to try out Nutella macaron. Turn out, it wasn't just Nutella favor. It was Nutella out the outside, and salted caramel being sandwich in between the shells. Simply yum! I even end up buying a few back for my flatmate who is also a big fan of this creation by LuxBite.

Lemon tart
I guess I was a bit greedy in that day. I should have stop at Nutella macarons, but I didn't. I tried LuxBite's lemon tart. The lemon cure was exactly what lemon cure supposed to be. That is, creamy, sweet, sour and a little hint of lemonny aroma just to get the test buds entertain. The short bread pastry was good, but not the best. The only feature which was a No from me was the small pieces of fruits mixed within the cure. It was bitten, and really didn't do anything for the tart. Luckily, I share this tart with friends else I would have not been able to finish it.

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LuxBite on Urbanspoon


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