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88/98 Papanui road Merivale, Christchurch 8050 New Zealand
+64 3355 3096

When mention Christchurch New Zealand, most people will think of fish and chip, kiwi fruit and cookie time. Not many people think of French food in Christchurch New Zealand, but Saint Germain (St Germain) is the place to experience a delicious typical fine dining French food. 

Rack Lamp
St Germain is a fine dinning French restaurants located in Christchurch. It is located near a small motel, so unless you purposely plan to dine at St Germain, it is difficult to identify that it's a restaurant. St Germain provide a romantic French atmosphere. Which a lot of people dine at St Germain are couple coming for romantic night out. I dine with a group of 3 other girls, so we were a little bit stand out in the crown.

Traditional French onion soup, $15 NZD
The waiters were really gentle and friendly to us, which made our experience at St Germain really enjoyable. Like many French restaurants, bread complementary was serve to us right after we ordered. Many of us were unsure of the portion size of St Germain, so only 2 out of 5 of us ordered the starters. One of the girl ordered the French onion soup and the other ordered the Sauteed scallops with creamy crayfish bisque (scollop salad). 

Sauteed scallops with creamy crayfish bisque, $27 NZD
For me the scallops was very nicely cook. However, the French onion soup is to die for! It was absolutely relish. After the starters, all of can't wait for our main. As this visit was the first time for all of us, we decided to order all difference dishes, so we able to taste all difference dishes. 

Duck breast, $39 NZD
The first dish was the duck breast "a l'orange" with Pommes fondants, carrot puree, orange tuile. For the price of $39 NZD, and only 4 pieces of duck breast, I though it was a bit small. But the taste was divine! 

Beef eye fillet, $42 NZD
 The most expensive dish of the main menu was the reserve beef eye fillet "En Croute de Sel" with Beetroot puree, Pistou Dauphinoise, Baby Ratatouille, Confit garlic, crispy basil, foie gras and truffle sauce. Sound complicated, but the taste was simply delicious.

Rack lamb, $41 NZD
For me, I choose to goes with the rack of lamb with white beans ragout, glazed baby carrots. New Zealand is famous for their lamb, and during my time in New Zealand I tried to eat as much lamb as possible. And I got to say, this rack of lamb is seriously one of the most delicious lamb I ever had (and this is coming from someone who had a lot of lamb before). The portion size for this dish was really generous. There were approximately, four cuts of lamb, which is decent.

Crepes Suzette, $15 NZD
The mains dishes were to die for, so we can not wait for the French desert. To start off, we ordered typical crepes suzette. Basically, it's a fancy French crepes. It was really thing, which is exactly what good French crepes supposed to be. The source was made from real French orange marmalade. The cream provide the need creamy texture, which lift this desert to another level. The strawberry was there to provide the tang, but really it was more for decoration. 

Pastis biscuit, $15 NZD
 I am an advantuous eater, so I decided to order Nougat de Montelimar glade. This essentially is a fancy French vanilla biscuit.

Close up of the Pastis biscuit
 The dish comes with strawberry and orange source, as well as a scope of Hazel nut ice-cream. Everything about this dish was to die far. This dish tick off all the wow factors. It has the french from the biscuit, the tang from the source, the temperature and creamy from the ice cream. Was just sensational.

Chocolate fondant, $15 NZD
Of course, for a group of girls a night out will not be complete without some kind of chocolate. Hence, we decided to ordered the Chocolate fondant with grand mariner parfait. Although the portion size is small, but the flavour was delightful. 

Christchurch may not be the place known for French food, but St Germain is the hidden gem in Christchurch which will provide you the gracious French experience!


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